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Post Listing Obligations

1. Compliance with continuing listing requirements

This section sets out some of the continuing obligations which a listed company is required to comply with once any of its securities have been admitted to MSM. Additional continuing obligations are set out in chapter 8.

1.1.1 Directors and Officers obligations

(1) Directors and Officers of the company are responsible for compliance with listing requirements and are solely responsible for the content of information provided by the company to the MSM;
(2) If for any reason whatsoever, MSM considers that a contravention of these listing requirements by a listed company is due to a failure by all or any of the company’s directors or officers, it may:-
(a) censure the directors (and/or officers) concerned;
(b) publish the fact that the directors (and/or officers) have been censured;
(c) state publicly that in its opinion the retention of the office by the director or an officer is prejudicial to the interests of investors.

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